Tuition:  $150

During this four week workshop we will discuss how to approach TV/Film auditions and acting. Using short TV/Film scripts provided by the instructor, everyone will get the opportunity to work on both comedy and drama material.  We will learn how to break down a TV/Film script and search for clues, how to have an effective opening and closing moment, as well as applying the basics of good acting technique (i.e. creating a character, objectives in the scene, playable actions etc.) The instructor will also answer any industry questions regarding agents, managers, casting directors, how to self-tape, etc. 

Tuition:  $150

Actor's Theatre Los Angeles

ZOOM Acting Class -- TEENS                            SUNDAYS  12:30-2:30pm (PST)  

*Not currently offered

ZOOM Acting Class -- KIDS  10-13 years         SUNDAYS  10-12pm (PST)    

‚Äč*Not currently offered